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We know dating and relationships can be tough! We’ve been there!

From standing out in a sea of online dating profiles, to working on building a successful relationship with your significant other, it can be overwhelming without the right help. Fortunately for you, we LOVE coaching singles and couples (and everyone in between) to find their way around relationships! S.O.S received! 😉

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Our Story

Meet the founders and hosts of Stories After Swipe Right

When we said “we’ve been there”, we mean it! After swiping right at each other on a dating app during the start of the pandemic in 2020, we ended up getting married, and NOW work with people to build stronger relationships by becoming certified relationship coaches. Our podcast, Stories After Swipe Right, was created as a platform to discuss online dating, as well as nurturing loving relationships. We think success in love can come easy with the right approach, mentality, and drive to improve yourself and your relationships. Now, with our coaching programs, we are on a mission to help singles and couples achieve greater romance, passion, and intimacy in their love lives.

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Coaching for Singles and Couples

You may ask: “Why is coaching important for my love life?”

Well, our love life is one of the most influential and involved components of our lives! Tony Robbins said, “The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives”.

Imagine being in control of your love life – from creating a killer online dating profile that puts you in front of who you want, to rekindling the fire and intimacy in your current relationship. The difference is all about talking to the people who have done it before, and being equipped with the right tools to be successful in romantic relationships. After all, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our partners is to be better versions of ourselves.

We got you covered!

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2 people being a Marites

Share Stories

Are you a Maria?

  • Sick of always being the third (or tenth) wheel when you and your friends go out?

  • Always the single person in the group?

  • Getting tired of saying “Sana All” and “Why not me?” on cheesy couple posts?

  • Had enough of your Single Ladies playlist being on loop?

have a drink

Do you know a Miguel?

  • That friend of yours who turns to a sob drinker whenever they remember the person who dumped them?

  • That friend who has a collection of “How To Move On” books?

  • That friend who still could not delete photos of their ex?

A person acting like a Miguel
A woman looking melancholy

rekindle the fire

Do you feel like a Trisha?

  • Hopelessly reading Thought Catalog articles on “Top Tips to Rekindle the Spark”?

  • Dreamily looking at photos from Facebook Memories of the best times of your relationship?

  • Dreamily looking at photos from Facebook Memories of the best times of your relationship?


What does the Stories After Swipe Right Coaching Journey look like for you?

SASR Methodology:

Our coaching toolbox consists of various coaching models and methodologies that work for the different scenarios and circumstances that our clients face. Subject Matter Expertise on Coaching Models including:

  • Chapman's Five Love Languages

  • Chapman's Five Apology Languages

  • Grimley's 7Cs Coaching Model

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Keller's Arcs Model of Motivational Design

  • Kubler-Ross' Grief Model

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Get Love Drunk – the good kind!

Be that confident person who knows what they are looking for in a swipe right.

Turn yourself into a happy person that practices self-love and makes the most of their single life.

The cute couple who makes everyone believe in love and level up into the cute couple.

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Listen Now

The Stories After Swipe Right Podcast

Hop on to Spotify now, share a laugh, a smile, and discover practical yet profound online dating and relationship realizations with us.

In the show's latest season, we bring you “The Break-Up Playbook” – a podcast series dedicated to helping you survive the difficult rollercoaster of emotions that come with breakups.

The Love Stream

The LoveStream is where we go beyond the recording studio and straight into live streaming where you'll be able to interact with us live on social media. The LoveStream intimately connects us with you, our community. We talk behind the scenes on episode topics, offer exclusive giveaways and raffles, announce upcoming events, and share online dating and relationship testimonials from our community page.


What people are saying

The Stories After Swipe Right podcast and coaching platform brings people together in an engaging and safe online community with inspirational, practical and quality content centered around healthier dating and more intimate relationships.

"As we welcome the "new normal" phase of online dating, it's good to have a go-to podcast where all the single guys/girls can listen and relate to dating encounters online (whether positive or negative). I love listening to Em and Alex's opinions and pieces of advice about online dating. These two individuals attest that success stories do happen in online dating apps. It's all about getting the right timing. Also, it gives me a fresh/new perspective on how I should treat online dating this pandemic. Many have frowned upon the idea of using dating apps, like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc. But I think its about time we look into how these apps can help single people maintain their social interactions while secluded from the outside world. "by the end."


"The scenarios they talk about are very real! People are always shy/awkward/afraid to share their experiences because online dating in the Philippines is still considered taboo. There is true love out there and it can definitely be found online. Thank you Em and Alex for giving us that hope!"

Elisa B.

"I’m so excited for the next episode!!! I love this pilot ep - my takeaway is that this is the first time we can build foundations first before going into a relationship. Like, ngayon we can actually ‘make time’ to get to know someone and I love the quote Alex said
by the end."

Lara I.

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